• A Pretty Rugged Interview

    A Pretty Rugged Interview | Interview with Ali Farrell | True Stories from Women of The Sea
    There would be no more fitting month than the month of March to write about Ali Farrell and her book, Pretty Rugged.  March is National Women’s History Month and Ali Farrell has honored some of the hardest working women on the planet with her book and their work in the fishing industry. I have read Pretty Rugged cover to cover and enjoyed the stories immensely.  Just as enjoyable are the fantastic photos of the women who were often captured working on their boats and in their fishing gear rather than all “glammed up” for a typical...
  • A Fisherman Is Not Always A Man

    A Fisherman Is Not Always A Man
    There’s something about the ocean that captivates us.  Those of us that have been coastal born and bred realize at some point that living away from the ocean is an uncomfortable feeling.  For me, the coastal lifestyle isn’t just something that makes my soul happy, it’s a necessity.  I am almost a fish out of water when I try to live away from the coast.  For some people, the coastal lifestyle is discovered later in life.  That is the case for Ana Shellem who fell in love with Wrightsville Beach due to chance, not birth. Ana...
  • Let's Try Some Shark Meat

    Let's Try Some Shark Meat
    I am not exactly sure how I first heard about Jake Griffin. You would think that because I grew up on the Outer Banks that this Manteo girl had heard about this Wancheser via the traditional method of “so and so who knows a so and so and so forth” In this particular case, I think ran across a post on Instagram or something and it was an instant feeling of “this guy knows how to fish”.  I reached out to Jake Griffin and he had no clue who I was. I explained I was a...
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