• An Hour With an Oyster Farmer

    An Hour With an Oyster Farmer
    An Hour With an Oyster Farmer You know you are in the south when your local oyster farmer invites you to sit on his back porch and enjoy a conversation about oysters and the coastal lifestyle. It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon in Wilmington, NC in December when James Hargrove of Middle Sound Mariculture said I could stop by and chat with him about his business and his love of oysters. You know that feeling you get when you start a conversation with someone who is passionate about their work? The sense that they could...
  • History and Uncle Hildred

    History and Uncle Hildred
    Growing up, I lived in the small town of Manteo, NC.  My family had been deeply rooted in the coastal areas of North Carolina.  Manteo was home to me but, my dad was from Stumpy Point and my Mom was from Sea Level.  Seafood, saltwater and fishing were part of our lives.  People came together over seafood, took it to each others houses, prepared it if there was a funeral, a Holiday, etc.  It was part of our life.  Knowing what fresh seafood was, was taken for granted as there were no other types of seafood. ...
  • Things To Consider Before Charter Fishing

    Things To Consider Before Charter Fishing
    CHARTER FISHING   What is Charter Fishing? Charter Fishermen services are to typically to go out on a boat and catch certain kinds of fish. Different charter fishing companies offer different service options, so make sure to learn what is and what isn't included in packages, how much you have to pay, time, etc. Other services the charter company offer include cleaning your catch, and of course operating the equipment and boats. Some charter companies also provide photography services so the clients memories can be kept. Off-shore charters: These charters boats go farther out in the...
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