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We Bring the Coast To You

  If there's one thing we have learned from living by the coast for as long as we can remember, it's that the lifestyle and community surrounding it are something you can't find anywhere else.  Long time lovers of all things "ocean" describes us perfectly.  Spending our days scuba diving the waters of the Pacific or Caribbean, surfing, boating and fishing the waters of the Atlantic on the East Coast and kayaking in the Everglades of Florida is where we have spent some of our fondest days.

From boating and surfing, fishing, scuba diving to bonfires on the beach, life by the coast puts you in a state of mind that we can only describe as 

 "Contentment with any direction the tide takes you."

Finding a way to give YOU a taste of coastal life was our first priority when designing each piece of our collections.  Our products will bring back your fondest memories, from lunch at your favorite seaside restaurant, fishing with your friends or family, or a day of surfing or even scuba diving with your best friends.

If you were "Coastal Born and Bred" or just have a coastal state of mind, with Sun and Stern -no matter where you live, be it near the coast or not, you're Always By The Sea! Cruise down the beach in your classic car with a surfboard on top, park in the sand for a day of surfing and or fishing and enjoy the time with family.  

But, if you can't be near the coast, think about it often with one of our quality products that will surely bring a smile to your face as you remember your last trip to the coast and look forward to your next.

We are passionate about the health of our oceans.  Healthy oceans provide sustainable seafood, beautiful coral reefs and enjoyment to a vast amount of people. 
Please help keep our oceans clean and safe.
Sherri O'Neal, Founder and owner of Sun and Stern, lives in Wrightsville Beach, NC with her husband and two daughters where they spend their time surfing, boating, fishing and always planning their next scuba diving adventure.